Sunday, February 6, 2011

Introduction to IIIE

IIIE needs no introduction among the students already enrolled for Grad. IIIE program. For those who are yet to be members, consider visiting for more information on the course, the institution and its activities.

If you are considering any other part time Engineering courses (AMIE, IETE, AMAeSI etc..), you may go to and make enquiries. The administrator (Shobhith) has a lot of experience on such courses and will be able to help you out in the same.

Most frequently asked questions on IIIE are answered below (These are not standard answers based on documents available. They are based on personal experience of many past IIIE students):

1) Is it a recognized course?
Yes and No at the same time. Let me explain.

Yes because, we have letter of recognition from HRD ministry, Association of Indian Universities. We have our aluminies working for many PSU's (HAL, ONGC are two organization that I know of). The course is recognized for admission to IIT for PG (confirmed from IIT-Kharagpur, IIT-Bombay, and IIT-Roorkie)

No because, not many people are aware of the course (we need to clarify to them by drawing parallels to AMIE). Some educational institutions (IIT-Kanpur) do not accept this qualification for admission to PG (They don't accept AMIE also) but at the same time IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bombay accepts IIIE for PG admission.

My advice: If you are already working and looking for moving up the value chain, go for it. You will be hired for your experience. But, this qualification will fill the void in your resume for a degree.

2) Do you get study Material?
Yes and No at the same time. Let me explain.

Yes because, many of the topics and subjects covered are common to Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. We get good amount of books for these subjects. Some subjects like economics, accounting etc. can be easily negotiated by referring to B.Com books.

No because, there is no single book that would cover all the topics in the syllabus. We may need to refer to multiple books for the same subject. (This may become a pain if you don’t have access to a good technical library or if you are preparing alone and not as a group). Specific subjects like Systems Approach (I still don't understand what the hell I wrote in my exam to get a pass mark), Technology Management have very few (some time nil) books available and the books referred to in the prospectus are not giving us a good idea of the subject.

My advice: Prepare as a group. Interact with other students Share the notes that you may have and sometimes common-sense answers may do the trick.

Going forward I have committed myself to try and put up some useful links, files and articles on IIIE so that my fellow students may get benefit of whatever I went through as a IIIE student.

Meet you soon.

Aravindan Srinivasan


  1. thankx Fo d VALUABLE INPUTS..............

  2. Aravindan
    Nicely drafted and clarify some aspects as a whole. I would like to add after completing IIIE candidate can write GATE.
    Nice blog and keep updating...........


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  4. Hi Aravindan....

    Please let us know the books for Secton u posted like secton A please post the authers

  5. I am an engineer in trichy and very much interested to write preliminary in IIIE. Kindly help me for collecting course materials and notes.

  6. Hey Buddy, i am working in Hal ARDC, and i am interested to join iiie.Could u tell me should i snd 300 or 3000rs to Navi Mumbai for admission form and do i need some iiie members signature in that form to complete it bcaz i don,t know anyone personaly who is doing iiie.So, could u help me plz.

  7. Hi Aravind,

    Greetings !

    At the end of the IIIE Course, what kind of suffix, will the institution offer us like BIE (bachelors of industrial engineering) , GIIE (Graduate in industrial engineering)

    Pls advice me in this regard

  8. Hi Pearlsmith,

    In your Final degree certificate, they will mention as Equivalent to Bachelors in industrial engg. but ur title will be GIE(Graduateship in industrial engineer) similar to the one in AMIE.


  9. sorry typo error GIE(Graduateship in industrial engineering)

  10. Dear Friends,
    I need section A question papers. I am facing some problems while downloading the questions papers form 4shared. If any any one have the pdf files for the past Section A question papers, kindly send me.

    If have pdf file for Section A subjects Kindly send me.

    My mail id:

    Thank you for you support.

  11. Hi Aravind,

    Thanks for ur Advice.

    Already Am working in Part of SCM(i,e.Stores) in Automobile industry.

    I have written all my pemding papers on Feb 2011 Examination.

    May I know whether I should wait for Result or shall I move to project.

    |I need to complete the project with out attempt.expecting ur feed back regards the same.

    Kindly advice me.


    Krishna Murthy.T.

  12. Reply to Krishna Murthy:
    IIIE rules permit you to start, prepare and submit project proposal before declaration of section-B results (but after attending all papers of Section-B). So please proceed to project proposal.
    Attempts in project don't count. You can have project rejections and later accepted after more work or changes. That doesn't affect your final result (Not even in case if you are attempting for medal)

  13. Reply to Shine:
    There is change to IIIE admission form and brochure. Its changed to Rs500/- you don't need any IIIE members signature.Any gazeted officer is ok. Being in Govt./ Public sector unit, you will need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from HR.

  14. Hi Aravindan S,
    Actualy i got admission in IIIE in last year nov and appeared for preliminary exam this year for 3 subjects.I actualy find it too difficult to gather the correct notes for the subjects.So, if u could help me in this matter that would be preety good.


  15. Dear Aravindan S.

    Thanks a lot !!! for opening this blog, where the students of IIIE can have a forum to share their experiences.
    I have appeared for Sec B in Feb 2011 - Your answer to Krishna is useful for me too.

    Please keep up this nobal work.

    Avinash Deshmane

  16. Dear Aravindan S.

    As u have given nice information hope it will be useful. I just want to know that what is the criteria for IIT admission for M-tech after completion of the IIIE. Can u please help me??


  17. If anybody want study material or question paper contact me.

    1. please send me all the things related to IIIE. Its urgent. Thanks in advance. My email id :

  18. how is this IIIE course?
    I heard this is not recognised by AICTE?
    Whether exams are tough or easy?
    Advice expected

  19. how much time does it take to evaluate projects by institue. I have already submitted mine and waiting for their reply.

  20. how much time does it take to evaluate projects by institue. I have already submitted mine and waiting for their reply.

  21. how much time does it take to evaluate projects by institue. I have already submitted mine and waiting for their reply.

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    my mail

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