Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Books for Section A

We often come across the books that would be better for reference. The prospectus of IIIE has a god listing of books for every subject, but does not cover the full requirements of the syllabus. This post is to place on the public domain the list of books that I referred to and found to be of use.

1) Probability and Statistical Methods: 
Select one Plus-2 (commerce) + any university B.Com bok on statistics.

2)Operations Research: 
Operations Research by Hira Gupta

3)Business Accounting and Costing: 
Select one Plus-2 (commerce) + any university B.Com bok on accounting.

4)Principles and Practices of Management: 
Select any MBA management book

5)Work System Design: 
ILO book on Work System Design.

6)Manufacturing Technology: 
Refer to workshop technology by Hajra Chowdry

7)Information Technology and Systems: 
Use google/ Internet.  has all the answers for this subject 
(best for this Subject :-) )

8)System Approach: 
Seriously there is no single book for this subject.

The above just covers the requirement to score about 60% marks. Referring to multiple books is recommend for better understanding of the subject. Please note that there is no single book of any given subject, that covers all the requirement of the syllabus.
I would strongly recommend the students to be internet and computer savvy. It will help your know how in general and at the end of the day, its your know how that matters and not the % of marks.


  1. 1.Probability and Statistical Methods:
    once can refer PN Arora & S Arora ( C A foundation Course-1) S Chand publication

    2)Operations Research:
    V K Kapoor

    4)Principles and Practices of Management:
    one can refer 12 & commerce

  2. HI Aravindan,

    THanks for your guidance.
    BUt still i was looking for question papers.
    It would be kindness of you , if you can upload that too. As there are lot of books to read & time always short. Q. Papers make a map to study important topics.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience. One more help please, can you upload the questions papers for Section A

  4. It is better to keep some sample projects... so all can have the better idea about the project procedures.

  5. Hi Srinivas,After the project submission how long it takes for the BOE for the complete approval & Graduateship certification?

  6. Hi Mr.Srinivas,
    Thanks for the valuable work, this would be a great help for the new students, can u pl give some ideas about the project and sample project report.

  7. Hi Mr.Srinivas

    Many thanks for your valuable works.Can you pse upload the syllabus for SEC B and suggested books for reference.

    With Thanks & Regards

    Thomas Varghese Cochin

  8. Dear Aravindan Srinivasan sir,
    I'm complted in DME (diploma in mech. engg)and I have 5yrs industrial exp., I jointed last year IIIE. I want to know what are the papers are there for me. pls tell me.