Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Guidance

I am not going to take people through anything that is available in the IIIE brochure. It can be referred by the students on their own. I have had the opportunity to work on three IIIE projects apart from my own (Currently awaiting approval for 2). The information shared here is my experience of the same.

Project Proposal:
Prefer a project in your working environment. This will be useful for having a clear understanding of the problem and project. In addition, your project will be a point of discussion when you look for your next job. Talk to your manager and get him on-board. Your manager will be your best possible guide for project (it will also help in securing any internal promotion if there is a opportunity)

Contents of Proposal:
1 paragraph (typical 8 to 10 lines) general information of the company (Industry-Auto motive, power sector, parent company, location etc)
1 paragraph (prefer bullet point) on the preliminary focus point. List generally identified problem in the company
1 or 2 paragraph on in depth details of the company
1 paragraph on the problem definition (prefer bullet points) with detailed explanation. Ensure you have few numbers(quantitative details) in this paragraph.
2 to 3 paragraphs on the preliminary study you have completed like Process map, explanation of process, any cycle time data rejection data, if your project is on maintenance it can be previous down time data spares cost, inventory level (what ever information can be collected on first hand)
1 paragraph on the proposed objective of the project . Use verbs in the statement: eg. Reduce cycle time from XXX by yyy% or improve availability by zzz% etc.. Prefer to have more than 2 objectives so that when we actually take up the project we can have one main and few supporting objectives.
1 paragraph on the literature: If it is cycle time quote some book on Operatons management. Like wise, depending on the topic of the project,quote two or more books.

Sample Project Proposal

Look forward to my next post on Project report


  1. Hi Arvindan..

    I had appeared for all the subjects of Sec-B in Feb-11 xam & hoping to clear them all..

    seeking help from you regarding Projectwork. I work in a design firm & have very little relation with production/industrial engg.terms

    want to know more on the project topics/company/project copy format & the detailed procedure for the project submission

    pls. drop a mail


  2. freinds, I am IIIE student appeared for project work. Need assistance for front cover of project work.

  3. Is it giving BE certificate?

  4. Is it giving BE certificate?